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don rauschI am pleased to welcome you to the new website for the Virginia Coop Credit Union.   We are excited to launch this site to create a more user-friendly site for our members, convey or message to potential members, and celebrate our history of service to the greater Virginia community.  

One of the main issues we are currently trying to overcome is convenience.  The new website will be an exciting and cost effective way to deliver information to our members. This website will allow us to communicate more effectively with our membership

VCCU will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2012.  We are committed to updating our technology so we will be around for another (at least 75 years).  We strive to become the primary financial institution for our members:  delivering what financial products they want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered.   This is the first step in communicating future technology upgrades that will be occurring at VCCU.  Please check back often as we will be announcing some more exciting news in the upcoming months.

This site will also help us share our message.  The features and articles are focused on informing our members on every day issues they may face in their lives.  That is the credit union difference.  We are people helping people in our community.  Our members are not only our “customers” but also our friends and neighbors.  In return we are asking that you keep your money local.   Money deposited into accounts at VCCU help neighbors and friends finance cars, houses, and other items purchased in the Iron Range area.

I feel that the design of this website is very unique.  In the design process I wanted to incorporate the history of the Credit Union, our building, and our service to the community.   Please take time to visit the “history”  page to learn more about our credit union and our historic building.  I would like to thank the Virginia Historical Society for the pictures information provided for this website.

I would like to thank our members for their support and wish all a happy and prosperous 2012!

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Donald Rausch