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Congratulations on this exciting and memorable time in your life. We can help take the worry out of your wedding expenses and get you on the path to a healthy financial future.

Many couples are concerned about how to pay for the big day and understandably so. A wedding is a landmark event in your life and you want to make it special. But how do you manage the cost?

First, set a budget. This may seem obvious but writing it down and keeping track of your expenses helps keep you on target. In fact, you may want to think about setting up a checking account just for wedding expenses.

If you have a significant amount of time before the wedding consider setting up a savings account. But, depending on your wedding budget and timeline you or your parents may want to look into a personal loan or home equity loan. Another option is to look into our available low-rate credit card.

The point is we provide options and can help you establish a smart financial plan.


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