August 2019 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

Prepare for the Lessons of Life – Road Trip Ahead

My family recently took a road trip to Fargo for a wedding. I’ve always believed life is a journey and not a destination. We had fun on our journey taking pictures with Bigfoot in Remer, Paul Bunyan in Akeley, a giant tiger Muskie in Nevis, and Rollo the Viking in Fargo. The journey was fun, but we also needed to reach the destination on time. We didn’t want to be “those people” walking in late. How much time would we take at each stop, including gas and bathroom stops? The time management was just as essential to the trip as enjoying the journey.

I just read an article in Forbes Magazine, stating one should have their affairs in order by age 50. I still have a few years before I’m 50, but this article got me thinking about my own time management. The article brought up something I never thought about: at what age should one fill out one’s healthcare directive? This surprised me when they said 18 years of age. The reasoning behind this is because after 18, an individual is no longer a minor. Another item that came to mind is if both my wife and I die at the same time, who will be the custodian of our son? We need a will to dictate our wishes. I started looking at all the things I will need to start doing in preparing to get my affairs in order. One thing hit me as I finished reading this article, having your affairs in order is not an “age thing”; it is preparing for one’s future before anything should happen to you or a loved one’s ”thing”.

So financially, do you remember who you put on your account(s) here at the credit union? A POD account (Payable on Death) gives the credit union directions to transfer the funds to another person upon the death of the account owner. How long has it been since you checked that paperwork, and for that matter is all your information here at the credit union up to date?

We take our member/owners financial affairs very seriously. Since your time is valuable, we want you to have everything at your fingertips. But if we don’t have current information, then we have a problem.

Thank you for placing your trust in VCCU and allowing us to be part of your major and minor life milestones. We are so very happy you are part of our family. During your journey in life we hope you always find your financial home here.


Donald Rausch

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