February 2017 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

There are lots of things to love about VCCU. Some of them are obvious, like the caring service you get from our staff. Or our marketing-leading loan rates. At the same time, many of our best advantages aren’t obvious at all. Allow me to take a moment to make sure you’ve got the full picture.

You’re a Shareholder:
At a bank, you’re a number. They’re in it to make a profit. We’re the opposite of that. We’re not-for-profit, which means that our goal is to pass our profits through to you, our member/owners. This comes in the forms of added member/owner benefits such as our market-lending loan rates, low fees and free services.

You’re Entitled to Competitive Rates:
You get superior rates on Home Equity Loans, Mortgages, Auto Loans, Personal Loans. . . Everything we offer.

You Have Technology at Your Fingertips:
From our super-helpful Mobile App to our full-featured online banking, to our EVM chip-enabled cards, you’ll enjoy the utmost in convenience and security 24/7; wherever in this world you happen to be.

You Receive Superior Service:
To us, you’re a human being, not a profit center. That’s why you can expect far better service with us. In fact, between the often-poor service, rising fees and scandals of the banking industry, more and more people are turning to credit unions as a better alternative. According to the Credit Union National Association 1.3 million people joined a credit union last year alone, an all-time high.

We Get Who You Are:
We live and breathe just like you. We understand the hassles, the unpredictability, the complicated personalities, the idiosyncrasies, the obstacles and the rewards. In other words, we can empathize. You won’t have to struggle explaining yourself. We are here to help and have a lasting relationship with you. We have been supporting you and yours for 80 years, lets continue to grow together!


Donald Rausch

photo of VCCU office

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