February 2020 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

Welcome to the second decade of the 21st century. It’s hard to imagine a world without computers and the internet. But if you stop to think about it, both have not been around all that long. A few years ago, my son was at the Minnesota Discovery Center with my wife. They were looking at an antique wall phone and asked my wife “where do you put the music?”

It’s difficult to imagine a time without cell phones connecting us to people across the city, country, and world. Remember the pre-internet days – before texting, taking selfies and asking Siri what the weather will be? Can you recite phone numbers and addresses off the top of your head? Are you still able to find your old trusty rolodex? We are now reliant on our mobile devices now. This morning I left my cell phone and home and feel completely untethered to the world. My cell phone represents a time savings, being able to look up information almost instantly.

Our mobile devices give us 24/7 accessibility, ability to communicate from almost anywhere, and conveniences we never thought possible. That is why at VCCU accessing your accounts on your mobile devices has never been safer or easier. Improving your life through convenience’s is what we strive for. This year we will be upgrading our technology to make your life more convenient. We are excited about offering these products and services to you.

Thank you for placing your trust in VCCU and allowing us to be part of your life’s milestones.
We are so happy you are part of our family. We hope you always find your financial home here.


Donald Rausch
photo of VCCU office

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