President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO
The new year is upon us! Hard to believe where all the time goes. We have a few changes that we are excited to announce to you, for the coming year in 2020!

In late 2020, we are taking a big step forward by improving your member experience. We will be implementing a brand-new core system this upcoming year and could not be more excited about it! This leading-edge system will help us improve our products and services. This will be a massive undertaking, that will require an immense amount of commitment from our staff, throughout the year. A few of our main goals will be to improve our process, member experience, and minimize deficiencies. Among the major enhancements this new system include the addition of bill pay and mobile deposit capture to our platform.

We have always tried to dedicate our time and energy in prioritizing projects based on the most important asset we have…YOU! For the last 83 years, we would like to think that we have been able to provide a more personal approach to banking with each person that walks through our doors, and we do not intend to change that! We strongly believe that with a mixture of the new technology on the way, and keeping our traditional core values alive, we will be able to continue give superior products and services for years to come.

At VCCU, we are committed to serving you through life’s milestones. We strongly believe that with a mixture of new technology and our traditional core values, we will be able to give superior products and services for years to come.

So, Here’s to 2020!

Have a great holiday season, and we will look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!


Donald Rausch
photo of VCCU office

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