July 2019 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

Greetings, and happy, sunny, sticky Northern Minnesota summer. I always find it so funny when I’m, traveling and people say to me “You’re from Northern Minnesota? Brrrrr! Cold up there!” I always respond that they need to visit us in July and August!

That’s true in a lot of things in life, isn’t it? Things may seem one way on the surface, but when you look a little more deeply, there’s more to the story. Helping our member/owners improve their financial lives is our passion, but it’s also important that we do our part to improve the neighborhood and community around us. It’s the core of VCCU difference—people helping people. The people in the credit union world are so real—we’re a different breed that way. We want our communities to experience and benefit from that philosophy firsthand through our volunteer efforts throughout the year, and with our partnerships with local charities and initiatives.

Today, I’d like to share a different way of giving back! Have you ever heard of the 10-10-80 Rule? For every $100 dollars you earn, take the first $10 dollars and give it back. To someone in need, a charity or cause you support. The next $10 dollars should be invested or saved, whether you’re working with a financial planner or just setting up a basic savings/contingency fund. After that’s done, you can spend the next $80 dollars on housing, food, kids and fun.
On July 19th at the Membership Appreciation Picnic we are proving to all member/owners the opportunity to get your sensitive documents that you’d like to dispose of securely. Shred day is ideal for you! Join your Credit Union for this FREE event

Your protection is our top priority! The destruction will be performed by the shredding service in which VCCU uses. Please be sure your paper is free of all metal clips, binders and plastic. They do accept paper clips and stapled documents.

Hope to see you are the Membership Appreciation Picnic/Shred Day, see your newsletter for more information.


Donald Rausch

photo of VCCU office

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