November 2018 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

Doing right for the well-being of our member/owners is why I come to work each day. Doing right is at our core. It embodies who we are, influences how we look, what we say and the way we help our member/owners and each other be our best.

Doing the right thing. Building wellness. Seeking balance. Making smart choices. That’s what being your best means to us. How do you measure a healthy life? Great food, plenty of motion, a mix of work, rest and play. Financial fitness too, of course. At VCCU, we strive for wellness of body, mind and wallet, because health is a matter of balance. It’s about creating joy and growth. That belief shows in everything we do—from the values we cultivate in our team, to the resources we offer you our member/owners

Trust us to do right.

It’s who we are. Why we care. How we act.

We will always do the right thing for well-being. That’s a promise. It’s the common thread that runs through everything we do here at VCCU. Our member/owners know we deliver on that promise by serving them, by caring, by helping them build their financial footing, supporting our entire community and neighborhood, working together on those goals. Doing right isn’t a chore around here. It’s a source of fulfillment.

As this is always a busy time of the year, as everyone is getting ready for the impending winter season, and the joy of snow and the holidays coming. VCCU will again be partnering with the Salvation Army for this year’s holiday ringing of the bells and the collection of hats and mittens.

I am very pleased to be serving you and Virginia Coop Credit Union as your president.

Thank you for being a member/owner!


Donald Rausch

photo of VCCU office

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