September 2019 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

For more than 82 years, we’ve been a part of your life, your neighborhood and your community. With more than 3,500 members, we’ve seen a lot of dreams come true. We’ve helped you finance your first home, your first car, your perfect adventure and your retirement. Every day, you share your dreams with us. And every day, we’re here to guide you one step closer to making your financial dreams a reality. Thank you.

We also had a dream come true not only for you our member/owner but us here at VCCU, a second exit driveway has been completed this last month and we are very happy to have taken care of the parking and exiting problem at our office.

We take your feedback very seriously and both for our online products and services and in-house office. These improvements will include bill pay and remote deposit capture which will make it easy to plan and track your goals.

Since your time is valuable, we wanted to give you tools that would help you better manage your accounts in one online location. We hope you enjoy this enhanced experience, again we are updating our online deliver which you will see sometime in 2020/2021.

You’ve also provided a lot of feedback on our mobile app, and from the ratings, you really like taking your money mobile. As we have big plans for 2020/2021. You’ll be seeing managing your money on-the-go from your phone or tablet has never been easier.

We’ll continue adding service channels for your convenience. This include more service center digital tools with helpful features. And we’re adding new layers of security, such as a stronger multi-factor authentication. It’s easy to use and keeps your finances secure. One of our guiding values at VCCU is stewardship, and safeguarding your money is a principal priority.

Thank you for placing your trust in VCCU and allowing us to be part of your major life milestones. We are so happy you are a part of our family. We hope you always find your financial home here.


Donald Rausch
photo of VCCU office

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