September 2020 President’s Message

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

Convenience is a key ingredient to positive experiences, and today’s consumer demands the utmost convenience from all of their service providers. With this expectation in mind, here are some recent examples where we have increased convenience and made banking easier for our member/owners.

We have made these enhancements to our digital service channels:

  • eSignatures (electronic signatures) using eDocs, give you secure access to every document, in the cloud, and at your disposal works great when doing a loan, if you are out of town, or busy. Our members who have used the eDocs find them easy to use, and how convenient.
  • VCCU’s Debit card will go “Real Time” on October 5. This means that deposits made to an account are immediately available for use through the card; no more having to wait for an upload. This also means debit card charges are processed as a credit card transaction, the charge is not immediately posted to the account balance, Instead, the charge is marked as “pending” but the amount has reduced the account’s available balance and , therefore, those funds have been used and are no longer available.

Our purposes are to make it easier to meet your financial needs, and soon I will share a number of initiatives underway that will deliver additional value to your relationship with VCCU. As always, we greatly appreciate the trust you have placed in us as your financial institution.

As the pandemic has been an anxious time for everyone, especially those who work with the public. Like so many workplaces, VCCU implemented many changes in a short time when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. Every change we made and continue to make has and had a reason behind it. We are a strong credit union and we want you our member/owners to get information that will empower you to know what is happening. There is no better time for credit unions to make a difference than in times like these.

We are here for you, give me a call or come in.

Stay Safe!


Donald Rausch

photo of VCCU office

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