Special Message from Our President

President's Message from Donald Rausch, VCCU CEO

On Tuesday, March 17th, we made the hard decision to postpone our annual meeting and close our lobby to deposit traffic for the safety of our members and employees. We will continue to do loans and open new accounts with scheduled appointments. Throughout our history VCCU has been a high-touch financial institution, meaning we have preferred human interaction in bringing you products and services. I believe this has been and will continue to be a differentiation between us and the other financial institutions in the community. Even with our new building and more convenient location we still had more teller transactions in the lobby. Why? Because our members value the high-touch approach that our tellers provide. We are one of the few places where someone can come in for a loan application and leave with their money within an hour. Why? Because of the high-touch approach we also bring to lending. Our members know our loan officers. Approvals are done in the same location as the application. Not many places can say that.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 this going to temporarily change our preferred way of interaction. Our goal is to help our member/owners and our community throughout this crisis and that means keeping our employees healthy. Those are the great employees that in the past and in the future will be able to provide you the interaction you prefer. But for now, our goal is to keep everyone, our employees and our credit union family, safe and healthy.

In these challenging times I feel proud to work for a cooperative. What is a cooperative? My simple definition is “you give some, you take some”. Some members deposit, some members borrow, some do both. We are all going to have to “give some and take some”. Scheduling appointments and drive through transactions may not be your favorite way to transact business. It sure isn’t ours, but it will work. We will get through it, together.

If you are struggling to make your loan or credit card payment, give us a call. We have options to work with you, but we need to know your situation. We have been part of the ups and downs in this community for 83 years, and we intend to be part of it for a long time. All of us at VCCU greatly appreciate your continued support and patience while we navigate through this challenging time.

Stay safe,

Donald Rausch
photo of VCCU office

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